About HyperStudio

MIT’s HyperStudio – Laboratory for Digital Humanities explores the potential of digital media technologies for the enhancement of education and research in the humanities. The lab’s work focuses on the integration of digital tools, documents, and methods into humanities curricula within the broader context of scholarly inquiry and educational practice. HyperStudio designs and deploys innovative digital humanities applications in close collaboration with scholars, educators, students, librarians, archivists, and developers at MIT and other institutions.

HyperStudio is part of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and supported by the departments of Comparative Media Studies/Writing, History, Global Studies and Languages, and the Center for International Studies.

HyperStudio’s digital humanities portfolio includes projects such as “Annotation Studio” for collaborative online annotation, tools for data visualization and representation deployed in projects such as the “Comédie-Française Register Project” and the “US-Iran Relations Project”, and mobile applications such as the Boston-focused art discovery project “Artbot”. in addition, HyperStudio supports undergraduate and graduate courses and organizes workshops and lectures on digital humanities topics.